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Wallbank and Variants in Canadian Forces in Great War


Name Place attested Regiment Regt. No. Date attested Birthplace DOB Trade Next of Kin

Wallbank, Alfred Montreal
66008 30/10/08 Leigh Lancashire 05/08/88 Blacksmith Edward Wallbank (father). 25 Findlay Street, Leigh, Lancs.
Wallbank, Alfred
116th Batn 74300 18/11/15 Wolverhamton, Staffs. 27/05/89
Alfred Wallbank (father), Cannock Road , Wolverhampton
Wallbank, Harold
88th Batn 180911 31/12/15 Lichfield, Staffs. 29/10/78 Police Constable Sarah Wallbank (wife) 507 Victoria Rd.,
Wallbank, Hettie Hall Calgary
NS Officer 05/12/18 Blackwell, Debys. 12/12/?? Graduate Walter Wallbank (father), Apeton, Derbyshire
Wallbank, Yates Toronto 81st Batn 159008 23/08/15 Leeds, Yorks. 16/08/85 Leather Finisher Emily Wallbank (wife), Toronto


Walbank, Frederick Kenneth Montreal 2nd CFA Lt. 26/09/14 Montreal 19/05/94 Clerk Mrs Wallbank(mother ?)214Peel St.Montreal
Walbank, John Yero Kelvin Montreal 1st Depot Batn, 1stQuebec Regt. 3087163 13/07/18 Montreal 11/03/97 Farmer Mrs Isabel Wallbank (mother) 214 Peel St. Montreal
Walbank, William McLea Barriefield 34th Bty, CFA Lt. 04/10/15 Montreal 02/09/91 Engineer Mrs Isabel Wallbank (mother) 214 Peel St. Montreal


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